1. Awake

From the recording Awake

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Lisa Rose – Vocals, acoustic guitar, music & lyrics
Natalie Williams Calhoun - Cello
Sean Kemp - Violin
Doug Cox - Dobro


1. Awake©

Before all the glow, bouquets of bird songs wrapped in silver ribbons of musical mist.
Sound of thrushes, through the rushes, through the last of twilight,
From the umber, from the underwater time of night.

The night spins away, dreams drenched in old-day tunes of golden vessels still sailing in mist.
Breezes blowing, sunrays flowing though the leafing morning,
bees are buzzing, air is blushing, seeking out our core.

Bulls are crooning, calves attuning, nature writes her fire.
Lovers tarry, visionary, blind in their desires.

Our hearts wander lost, our dark dreams wrestle, tossed in hills and valleys of whimsical mist.
Hopes are bogged down, hours seem drowned, then an angel soars up;
like a wave that’s come to save us, reaching for the shore.

Oh, give us this day, we´re bathed in gracious colors that are weaving our wakening mist.
Pique the senses, stanch the tenses, lead us to this door,
like a bird that we heard calling, new worlds to explore!

Couples spooning, daylight brewing scenes of hearts in bloom.
All the wonder brought like thunder; bodies lose their gloom.

Come wake me, please come wake me, awake!