From the recording Awake

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Lisa Rose – Vocals, acoustic guitar, music & lyrics
Patrick Godfrey - Fender Rhodes
Noel Hernandez - Bass
Dave Babcock - Sax
Doug Cox - Percussion


2. Away with Words©

Having words, a way with words,
such a way, your way with words:
playing words, songs unheard,
tone and timbre, wit so limber,
weighing articles, counting syllables,
truth and music anacoluthic.
Such weight, such fate; miscue, such blues.

Scumble, squiggle, make me giggle.
Colors mingle, bleed and tickle;
shapes and meanings ever seeming so
magic, lustrous, tragic, blusterous;
brilliant figures, flames that flicker:
“Away with words,” I said. What’s left instead?
Such weight such fate, miscue, such blues.

Metaphors can open doors.
Paradoxes, crack the boxes.
Recalling verbs trimmed with herbs,
morsels tingle…
Finger to my lips, all the things I miss,
couched so lovely, bathed in honey.
Such weight, such fate; Miscue, such blues.
We paint each other blue, Sky blue.