1. Butterflying

From the recording Awake

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Lisa Rose – Vocals, acoustic guitar, music & lyrics
Doug Cox - Nylon String Guitar



Fly, butterfly, on those winging eyes,
fleeting beauty, nature’s duty, fly by and by.
Before you die, sing lullabies
for your babies so they’ll maybe come beautify.
Oh, be our chrysalis, our metamorphosis,
shapes a’changing, ever gaining love.

Words say goodbye, hearts will defy,
fleeting beauty, egos’ duty, feel butterflies.
Before I fly, sing lullabies
for your baby so she’ll maybe still rhapsodize.
Oh, stitch our chrysalis, our metamorphosis,
colors changing, never waning, love.

This golden day is rippling red,
send your olden dreams to bed,
sing beddy-bye, beddy-bye, beddy-bye bye.

One dose of hope, some witty trope
binding our hearts, finding no chart, no periscope.
Come synchronize, sing rock-a-byes
for our maybes, all so crazy, come improvise.
Songs, be our chrysalis, our metamorphosis,
incantations paint our reigning love.

Fly, beauty, fly, bloom lalalullabies, come butterfly our love! Oh, love!