1. Hands

From the recording Awake

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Lisa Rose–Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Music & Lyrics


7. Hands©

Touching without holding, holding without touching,
hand in hand apart, we’re drifting, riff-gifting;
memory of touching, blush of ever wanting,
rub of never kissing: in godhead springs the gold will cling.
Is this our stream, flowing downdream toward some senseless scheme?

Opening or closure, losing our composure,
giocoso-trilled violas: colt unbound, the bells resound.
Truth saved from the mire, naked as the fire,
hands that will conspire etching love, like Juliet’s glove.
Songs always bless with music’s caress, skinshine will express.

Touchstone, whetstone, wishbone, windblown leaf-life land to strand;
bookish day-wish, a fetish, relishing gentle strokes of hands.

Eyes will follow hands, hands will follow eyes, following desires;
translation: temptation;
touch of restless thoughts, thoughts of restless touch, missing it so much,
hands would link those thoughts that synch.
Hand with pen or strumming again: haptic reverie.