From the recording Awake

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Lisa Rose – Vocals, acoustic guitar, music & lyrics


12. Wasn’t I just here? ©

Pretty little ballerina dancing tiptoe for her mama;
days ahead are pearly wonders strung with joy.
Watching music in the mirror, tiny figure will still shimmer;
years will skin those bony knees and dreams destroy.

Children move on; storms rend their sails and still send them headlong.
In warmth of dawn, time is a restless song.

Later waltzing with her lover, pleasure there she will discover,
but the days grow dark and thunder leaves its scars.
Made-up face in light of morning, furrows give the early warning,
yet her eyes may seem the same still filled with stars.

Yes, we move on, people are gone in the night taking hearts.
So, dance every song, with charms of dawn’s fresh starts.

Storied joys of growing older make us think we will be bolder,
greater heights may leave us lingering to intone.
Gravity will keep us stable, tending us a tattered label,
pulling words and flesh and passions from the bone.

Yes, time moves on, faces so long in the light slip away.
Dance, come what may, and days will spin and sway.

Still, the morning is so lovely, bringing all the hopes of days to come,
dreaming of the past tomorrow, wasn’t I just here? I can hear those songs.